Carpets get the royal treatment

We work here in Ottawa and the surrounding area giving carpets a new lease on life by ridding them of spots, bad smells, and bacteria. 
Leave your carpets in the best of hands! We will always clean your carpets in an expert and professional way!
Carpet is the main focus to your home or office when guest arrives and they should be professionally cleaned regularly fpr them to be in great shape . Let us help you keep your carpets fresh by cleaning your carpets and making them look like new again. 

Spot, stain, and dirt removal 

Spots, stains, and dirt buildup can ruin the look of your carpet and affect the health of your household. Our Carpet Cleaning service uses only the most innovative extraction process that will leave your carpets clean and fresh every time. From our cleaning product to our equipment we have the carpet cleaning job covered. We only use the best because our customers deserve only the best. After we apply our interactive cleaning product that will agitate and activate of any issues your carpet may have, our powerful machines will extract stains, spots, and dirt buildup by reaching the problem at its core and without damaging even the most delicate carpets. Having your carpets looking new again is our goal.     

Special Shampoos and Rinses

After we have removed the spots and dirt buildup from your carpets we then clean your entire carpets. In turn, you get the full service you deserve with the results that will surpass any other carpet cleaning  companies’ outcome.  
Our expert and unique carpet shampooer and extractor dispenses a warm resolution of cleaning products that will leave your carpets looking superb and cleaner than you though possible.  

Our Technicians are Well Trained and knowledgeable 

With the array of carpet types available in today’s market our staff have to be knowledgeable and have expert experience. Being able to clean any type of carpet is were that expertise will shine through. Unlike most other companies we take carpet cleaning seriously and intensively train our employees so that they can clean any type of carpet effectively. What kind of carpet do you have? Well, we can clean it and make it look just like new. Call K1 Cleaning Services Ottawa to schedule your appointment.    

Post Construction or Renovation Cleaning:

We know how important it is to get rid of all the dust and dirt post renovation or with new construction cleaning and K1 Cleaning Services Ottawa is specialized in this kind of cleaning service. We offer one of the best extensive and quality post renovation or new construction cleaning services in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Our staff will make sure that your house is cleaned of all dust and debris. 

Home renovations are difficult and require a lot of hard work, chaos and stress and the dirt left after the renovation work might be an added burden for you to handle. You need skilled professional cleaning services to help you with your post renovation clean up. Let our experienced cleaning service in post renovation house cleaning help in this process. We will make sure to complete the cleaning for you efficiently and in the time frame you are looking for so you can have your home or property back and functional again. 

Why hire skilled cleaning professionals for post renovation?

Timely Efficient Cleaning comes from experienced and skilled professionals, and that is what post renovation cleaning requires.  K1 Cleaning service in Ottawa uses professional equipment, techniques and products that can complete the job appropriately and efficiently in the time frame you require. This is critical especially if you are not living at home during the renovations process and need to move back to your home as fast as possible. Also we do it right the first time, so this will complement your completed renovation project. Our cleaning staff know all the effective and efficient ways of performing a post renovation cleaning job so you do not have to worry about this. We will complete the job in a professional stress free manner. 

 We have the Right Tools and Products: This kind of cleaning work is hard to ‘do it yourself’ as you may not have the appropriate tools. We provide the most effective cleaning with modern cleaning tools. Our techniques are flawless and have proven to be very effective in this type of cleaning task. After hiring us, we will inspect the house thoroughly and make notes of the areas that need our attention. We will create a rough sketch of the entire cleaning project and execute our work according to that. Identifying the key parts of cleaning making the work a lot easier and more efficient. We will clean the dust from the floor and windows. We will make sure your place is clean to your and approved by you one the cleaning service is completed. We specialize in post renovation cleaning work and have have completed many post renovation cleaning jobs successfully and our clients are extremely pleased. 

We offer customizable and flexible post renovation cleaning packages for you for all kinds of houses and buildings. You can choose the most appropriate package for you according to your budget. We understand each client may have different requirement and we offer services according to their requirements. We want to be the best solution for you when it comes to cleaning. So contact K1 Cleaning Services Ottawa today  and choose what plan is right for you. You will also get our service at a the best price in town. We are here to help you and provide you with the comfort and quality you deserve and can trust

Windows Cleaning Service:

The windows of your home are a focul point and often times just too hard to clean. Windows are out of reach and require special equipment to get the job done safely and right. This is why you should always hire a professional window cleaning company in Ottawa,  because we have the  equipment and experience cleaning windows to get the job done right so you don't have to worry.

Years of experience cleaning windows inside and outside of homes has taught us that this is not a job you want to do quickly. It requires attention to detail and needs a keen eye to see the issues especially under disadvantaged lighting circumstances. 

Working at heights to clean your outside windows can be dangerous and a hard complicated time consuming endeavour.  For K1 Cleaning Services Ottawa it is just as easy as 1,2,3.

Contact our window cleaning service today for a free quote and to get the job done rigth.

Specialized Cleaning incentives for our customers 

We always provide our customers with the best service from our knowledgeable technicians, cleaning products, top of the line equipment, and at the  best price around. We keep our customers in mind from start to finish. Below you will find some of the great befits of going with K1 Cleaning Company services.  

Skilled and qualified cleaning squad
Free estimate and pricing strategies that will fit your budget 
Innovative process that will keep your carpet looking their best 
We are here for you twenty four seven for anything you need
When you think of having clean fresh carpets we hope you always think of us. We go above and beyond to make sure your carpet needs are met every time.  

We Always do Our Best so You can Look Your Best!  

We provide premium house cleaning services in Ottawa and surrounding areas at flexible hours to accommodate our clients. We also offer  many other residential  cleaning services to ensure your home remains clean, hygienic and looking great. Our staff are well trained, experienced and meticulous in house cleaning so you can safely rely on us for your house cleaning service.

Our house cleaning professionals will cater to your needs with undivided attention so you will certainly get the best result. We also offer best competitive prices for our premium cleaning quality service. You can expect top quality service at a competitive price from us. Our company has grown because of referrals and our reputation  in the Ottawa and surrounding area and have been providing professional dedicated service for a long time.

Customer satisfaction is our only goal and we aim to surpass your expectations with our house cleaning service.


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